If you want to e-sign a GDPR compliant contract with your client that allows you to show their data on your website, and use their testimonial for marketing / advertising purposes, Trust offers built-in eContacts for your convenience.

This useful feature helps reviewers to sign their acceptance of terms with no logins required, and lets you document the agreements with them regarding the future use of their text and video testimonials.

Only Standard forms offer built-in eContacts.

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How to get started with eContracts

Off the Ground and Business plans have a specific amount of free monthly eContract “credits”, and their number is renewed at the beginning of every month.

1. Open the Trust dashboard and go to “Plan“. Here you see all information regarding eContracts in your account.

Monthly free online contracts – the number of eContracts per month pre-defined by your plan.

Available free monthly online contracts – the number of free eContracts left till the end of the current month.

Available purchased online contracts – the number of paid eContracts you have in addition to your monthly free contracts.

Grace online contracts – the number of eContracts that were signed after you maxed out your free monthly credits. For example, there’s 1 free eContract left, but you send out the form with online contracts to 2 clients, they both will be able to sign the agreement. Then, when you purchase additional credits or get monthly free credits, Trust takes the same number as seen in grace contracts so that you pay your debts. The rest goes to the regular eContracts number (paid or free).

2. You can always buy additional eContracts right from the dashboard.

How to set the Contract Data

1. Go to “Testimonials → More → Contract Data“.

2. Upload your company logo, give your contract a name, and add your “General treaty text“ (an eContract text).

3. Switch to the “Signer's Data“ tab and add the information about you and your business here.

❗ Don’t forget to press “Save“.

Now you’re ready to add this contract to testimonial request forms.

How to add the eContact to testimonial request forms

1. Go to “Testimonials → Forms → New Form“ to create a new Standard testimonial request form.

2. Or, choose the existing Standard form and click the “Edit“ button.

3. Turn the “E-Sign Contract“ feature on and save the form when you finish.

4. When your client opens and fills in the form with an eContract, they won’t be able to submit their testimonial without signing it.

5. After they click the “Create Contract“ button, the whole contract appears.

6. Then they’ll need to enter a verification code to sign the document.

7. Both you and your client receive an email with the signed document.

All eContracts are also saved in your Trust account. Go to “Testimonials → Edit → Contract“ to find a specific contract.

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