If you need an explicit consent checkbox for collecting testimonials, you can link to your public privacy statement / data confidentiality agreement / any required legal texts right from the testimonial request form.

1. Go to “Testimonials → Capture → Forms”, then press the “New form” button to create a new testimonial request form, or click “Edit” to work with your existing form.

2. Scroll down to the “Consent checkbox” section, make sure this feature is turned on.

Add a link to your consent text copying and pasting the following:

<a href=”url” target=”_blank”>link text</a>

where url is a link to your agreement and link text is the text that your reviewers will see.


I give consent to share my testimonial publicly and use it for your marketing purposes (here you can read our<a href=”https://usetrust.io/data-confidentiality-statement/” target=”_blank”>data confidentiality statement</a>).

3. Once finished, save your form. Here’s how the consent checkbox will look like:

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