Create a testimonial page aka "Wall of love"
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If you want to gather your testimonials on a separate website page, Trust offers an easy way to pull that off.

1. Create a “Testimonials” ( or “Reviews” ( page on your website. You can also go beyond and name it “Before and after” (e.g. Basecamp) or “Why {your business name}” (e.g. Lunch Money) and display clients’ testimonials that describe the value of your services in their own words.

2. Go to the Trust dashboard, choose a website you want to work with, then click on “Widgets → New Widget”.

3. Give your widget an appropriate name, then set the “Layout” to “Multi” and “Type” to “Static”.

4. Choose your favorite widget style and enable advanced settings to customize the look and feel of the widget.

5. Don’t forget to press the “Save” button.

6. When the widget is ready, add its code to the website page and assign testimonials to it.

Each time you get a new relevant testimonial, you just need to change its status to “Published” and assign it to that widget.

The testimonial will automatically appear on the “Wall of Love” website page making it longer.

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