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Connect external platforms with Trust
Connect external platforms with Trust

How to import your reviews from Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, ProvenExpert, Capterra, Product Hunt, and Yelp.

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With Trust you can import your reviews from 7 external platforms and display them on your website later on.

1. Choose a business you want to work with.

2. Go to “Integrations → External Platforms”. Copy your existing external review profiles URLs and paste them to appropriate sections.

URL examples:

You need to log in to your Facebook account right from the dashboard if you want to import your Facebook reviews.

❗ To import your Google reviews, write the full name of the business and the full address in the “Google” section.

Read a detailed guide on Google reviews here.

You can check it by pasting it and seeing your Google My Business listing in an incognito window.

3. Click “Save”, and the import process will begin. The speed of importing your reviews differs for each platform.

There are different signs that indicate the progress status:

🔅 The import of reviews is in progress.

✅ Your profile is valid. All found reviews can be seen in the “External Reviews” tab.

❌ Your profile is invalid. Please verify if URL is correct. Copy this URL into a browser to see if your public profile of this rating platform is shown correctly.

⚠️ We found an issue while reading your reviews. Once fixed, we will try to import your reviews again.

4. Once finished, all reviews appear in the “External Reviews” tab.

5. Click the “View” button to read the full review.

6. Press the “Publish as Testimonial” button to display an external review on your website.

❗ If you disconnect (delete) a review profile from the “External Platforms” tab and press “Save”, the appropriate reviews will be removed completely from Trust.

👋 If you need any help with connecting external review platforms, please contact us in the live chat or send an email to [email protected]!

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