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Import your Google reviews to Trust
Import your Google reviews to Trust
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We do not support multiple locations per 1 account of Google My Business at the moment. However, we are going to offer authentication based integration of GMB reviews in future.

Unlike other review platforms, you need to provide the query parameter (Google Query) of your business when you add a Google profile to Trust.

Google Query – the query that shows your Google My Business listing in search results.

Ideally, it consists of the full name of the business and its full address.

Your company name + city + country

You should consider that Google does not necessarily show the same search results here and there. It also relies on the search history of the current browser.

Always construct a query for Google that would appear in every browser of the world.

❗ Please check your Google Query in an incognito window.

A bad example of the Google Query

that consists of the business name only:

A good example with the full business name and its full address:

πŸ‘‹ If you need any help with generating a Google Query for your business, please contact us in the live chat or send an email to [email protected]!

1. Go to β€œIntegrations β†’ External Platforms”, then add the Google Query of your business to the β€œGoogle” section.

❗ Please check it before and make sure that it matches your business completely.

2. Press β€œSave” and wait till all your Google reviews appear in the list of β€œExternal Reviews”.

3. Display Google reviews on your website.

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