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Display external reviews with Trust
Display external reviews with Trust
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After you connected your external review profiles (Google, Facebook etc.) with Trust, you can display external reviews along with other testimonials with Trust’s website elements (widgets, pop-ups and Floating Stars).

1. Go to “Integrations → External Reviews”, choose reviews you want to display and click the “Publish as Testimonial” buttons.

2. Now these reviews are added to the list of all your testimonials in the “Testimonials” tab.

3. Similar to testimonials collected by Trust, you can preview external reviews, publish / unpublish them and assign to one of your widgets and pop-ups.

5. You can’t copy the form’s URL and edit the review because Trust only displays an already existing information and protects the authenticity of the source.

6. Once you decide to remove a review from the list of your testimonials, you can hide it from the “Testimonials” tab by pressing the “Delete” button.

Alternatively, you can go to “Integrations → External Reviews”, choose reviews you want to hide and click the “Hide from Testimonials” buttons.

❗ These actions don’t delete your reviews from the “External Reviews” tab. They will be removed completely only when you disconnect (remove) an appropriate review profile from the “External Platforms” tab and press “Save”.

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