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Agency account vs. Agency plan
Agency account vs. Agency plan
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If you’re an agency looking for a testimonial & rating platform for your clients, Trust is a perfect platform to consider.

We offer 2 ways of managing your clients’ accounts.

👋 Don’t hesitate to contact our team in the live chat or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll help you decide what will work best for you!

1. Get an agency account and share the revenue with Trust

You become our affiliate partner and earn 30% commissions for each client as long as they stay our customers.

Your clients choose a plan that suits their needs (Starter, Off the ground or Business) and pay directly to Trust.

You get a free admin account that lets you manage sub-accounts (clients’ accounts).

2. Buy an Agency plan and set your own rules

The Agency plan has custom rules here, and the price of the plan is set according to your agency needs.

You get an agency (admin) account, and you pay a fixed monthly or yearly price for it.

In a custom Agency plan, you need to define the number of clients (sub-accounts), websites, team members, external rating services, public testimonials, and unique visitors per month for your agency account. Of course, we can help you with that.

How does an agency account work?

An agency account is an admin account that you use to manage sub-accounts (of your clients or customers).

All limitations apply to the agency account that you purchased and registered. Then it’s up to you to decide how many limited items (published testimonials / websites / unique visitors) go to a specific sub-account.

How do sub-accounts work?

Each of your clients / customers needs to create a sub-account. In the sub-account itself the features remain the same, except for creating additional sub-accounts.

Each sub-account can add as many team members as its Agency plan allows. E.g. if you set 5 team members for your admin account, your clients will also be able to invite up to 5 team members to their sub-accounts.

Both agency and sub-accounts can set custom domains for customer feedback forms.

How are testimonials counted?

The limit of published testimonials is set per account.


If you want 500 published testimonials and 10 sub-accounts for your agency account, this is the overall number of all published testimonials your 10 clients may have. You can break this to 50 testimonials for each sub-account, or act according to your clients’ needs.

How are visitors counted?

Trust counts unique visitors per account, not per website.

If the same person visits your 2 different websites where Trust is installed, this is counted as 2 unique visits in your account.

How are websites counted?

The amount of websites is similar to the maximum monthly unique visitors. It counts per account.

How does the whitelabeling work? (coming soon)

The whitelabeling is only available for the agency (admin) account. It’s going to include:

– Custom domain for the platform ( instead of

– Custom domain for forms

– Custom logo

– Custom “Verified by The Company” label

Your clients are working in sub-accounts with your branding and your domain in the dashboard URL.

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