Now Trust doesn't offer a direct way to send reviewers to external review platforms.

However, you can ask people to share their text feedback on platforms that matter by showing the 'Review us on' buttons on the 'Thank You' page of your testimonial request form.

The reviewer will only need to click the necessary button, and they will be redirected to the page you've added. The text of their testimonial gets copied automatically.

Here's how to set up one for your business:

1. Create a form or edit an existing one

2. Go to the “Thank You Page” tab.

– Add some text to show people your appreciation.

– Enable the “Rate on other services” feature to ask people for reviews on other platforms.

– Set the minimum star rating to prevent people from sharing negative reviews.

– Edit or translate default texts if needed.

– Turn on the necessary platforms and add links to your profiles there.

You can also add 1 custom platform that’s not listed above.

A reviewer will see profiles you added in form of buttons after their testimonial is submitted.

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