If you have several websites (e.g. abc.com and courses.abc.com) that belong to the same business, you can register only 1 of them and add its website code / WordPress plugin to all other websites.

Thus you will be able to display the same testimonials, reviews, ratings and forms regarding 1 business on multiple websites.

1. Register 1 business website following “Configuration → Websites → Register Website” and add its web address there.

2. Press the “Website Code” button.

3. Make sure that the “Allow to use on other websites” feature is turned on.

The website where this feature is on will be considered as “the main website” to collect all data. Add its unique website code to other (“secondary”) websites where you want testimonials, reviews, ratings and forms from “the main website” to be displayed.

4. Press “Copy to Clipboard” and paste it into the <head> section of all business websites.

Right before the </head> tag (at the end of head section) is the best option.

5. If you have WordPress websites, you need to add the same code or WP plugin to all your domains.

❗ Please note that the settings for “Pop-ups” and “Floating Stars” will be identical for all websites.

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