Each website registered in Trust gets a unique website code.

You need to add the code to your website (similar to Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics Tracking Code) in order to display testimonials, reviews, ratings and forms there.

❗ Please note that Linkjoy only supports the following Trust website elements:

  • Floating Stars

  • Pop-ups

  • Linking to testimonial request forms

1. Register your website following “Configuration → Websites → Register Website” and add its web address (e.g. https://abc.com) there.

If you have Off the Ground or Business plans, you’re able to add several websites to Trust and you’ll see them listed in the “Websites” tab.

2. Each website has a unique website code which you can find pressing the “Website Code” button in front of it.

3. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the code. Later you will need to paste it to your Linkjoy account.

4. Open the Linkjoy dashboard, go to “Link in Bio” on the left menu bar, choose the micro-landing page you want to work with and press “Edit”.

5. Open “Integrations”, click the “Custom Script” button, paste your Trust website code here and save results.

6. Now you can display Floating Stars and pop-ups on your Linkjoy page.

🔔 Idea: You can also add a link to your testimonial request form to one of buttons on the page.

For this you need to press “Editor”, then “Add Block”. Find the “BUTTON & TEXT” block, add the form's link here.

You can also add more attention to the button playing with settings in the “Animate” section.

Next steps:

1. Add existing testimonials to Trust (as well as video reviews from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo)

2. Import your reviews from 6 external review platforms (Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, ProvenExpert, Capterra, Product Hunt)

3. Set up a testimonial request form to collect new testimonials

4. Display testimonials and reviews on your website with trust-building website elements

5. Show your overall customer rating in Google search results

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