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How to work with Floating Stars.

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Floating Stars is a small icon with your aggregate rating, located at the bottom right/left corner of a web page. It shows all your customer reviews and also filters them according to the source when clicked.

1. Open your dashboard, go to “Widgets” and press the “Edit” button in front of “Floating Stars”.

2. You can show or hide Floating Stars from a mobile view.

We recommend to keep this setting off if your website already show any other widget (for example, a live chat button or pop-ups).

3. Turn on the “Show only on these pages” feature to list website pages on which you want Floating Stars to appear. If you don’t specify them, Floating Stars are shown on all website pages.

Simply put ‘/‘ to include the homepage.

4. Press “Save” before switching the tabs.

5. Edit or translate default texts, if needed.

6. Give your Floating Stars a title, upload your company logo, choose a style and an image for the icon.

7. Switch the “Use Webpage Font” feature on to display texts of Floating Stars in the same font as one found on your website.

8. Choose the position of Floating Stars (left or right).

Turn on “Advanced Settings” to set exact position of Floating Stars: you can move it in all directions (up, down, left, right). Both positive and negative for values for offsets are allowed.

9. Go to the “External Platforms” tab to choose the content for your Floating Stars.

Switch on “Published testimonials only” if you want Floating Stars to show only testimonials listed in the “Testimonials” tab with a status “Published”.

The “Published testimonials and published external reviews” option will also include imported external reviews that are published as testimonials.

10. Press the “Save” button when you’re ready to finish. You can always change settings if needed.

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