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Add a new contact to Trust
Add a new contact to Trust

How to create a new contact in 'Contacts'.

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Table of contents:

Add a contact manually

1. Go to β€œContacts”, then press the β€œAdd Contact” button.

2. Add the full name of your customer or client, their current email address, and a phone number if needed.

3. You can also add the profile picture that will be used in a testimonial later.

4. Press "Save".

Upload a CSV file

1. Press the CVS button to download a template.

2. Edit a template with your own data.

3. Press the "Import" button to upload a new file.

4. Assign the appropriate field names to columns.

5. Press "Import CSV".

6. Check whether all information is imported correctly.

Press "Campaign & Messages" to check the statistics of your campaigns for this specific contact.

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