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How to set up an email sequence
How to set up an email sequence

Create automated email follow-ups with Trust.

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1. Click the “Edit” button in front of your campaign.

2. Go to the “Messages” tab and press “Add message”.

3. Set up a specific number of “Delay in Days”. Press “0” if you want the email to be sent immediately.

Also, add an email subject line.

4. Add the text of your email below.

Trust supports such placeholders as:

  • [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME] to input the first and last name of your contact.

  • Use the [FORM] placeholder to add the link to your assigned capture form.

  • Optionally, you can use the [LINKTEXT:] placeholder to display clickable text instead of the form, e.g. [LINKTEXT:Click here to record your testimonial!].

5. You can send out a test email to see how it looks.

❗️ Make sure to set up SMPT settings first.


6. Add more messages to create an email sequence.

Drag & drop emails to change their order.

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