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Add existing testimonials
Add an existing testimonial to Trust
Add an existing testimonial to Trust
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You can add your testimonials manually or import them from a CSV file.

1. Go to “Testimonials → Add New” and choose the “Add Testimonial” option.

2. Copy and paste the reviewer’s public information to the “Public data” tab.

3. Add their text testimonial to the “Text” tab (if you have one).

4. Upload the reviewer’s video testimonial in the “Video” tab if (you have one).

4. Turn on the “External Video” feature and share a link to their video testimonial from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo if they’ve already recorded a video there.

5. In the “External links” tab you can add social proof links to your testimonial.

Social Media” lets you add links to the reviewer’s business websites or social media accounts.

If it’s a review from an external site (Google, Facebook etc.), you can add an original link to it in the appropriate section.

6. Press the “Save” button, then change its status to “Published” and assign it to your widgets or pop-ups to show it on your website.

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