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How to create a widget from scratch.

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If you want to display your testimonials or external reviews on your website, you need to add one or several trust-building website elements to your website.

Widgets display testimonials and external reviews as a part of your website page. There are 2 types that you can combine:

Static type

Carousel type

πŸ‘‰ See the full widget library here.

1. Go to β€œWidgets” and press the β€œNew Widget” button.

2. Give your widget a private name that will be displayed only in your dashboard.

3. Choose a β€œSingle” or β€œMulti” layout.

The β€œSingle” testimonial layout suits an individual testimonial placement while the β€œMulti” one lets you display several testimonials.

4. Then set a β€œStatic” or β€œCarousel” widget type.

5. Each type has 7 styles that you can customize later.

6. Enable β€œAdvanced Settings” to set your custom colors and sizes.

7. Switch the β€œUse Webpage Font” feature on to display the testimonials’ text in the same font as one found on your website.

8. Slow limited number of text lines in a widget if the length of your testimonials differ.

9. Limit the visible amount of testimonials (static type only) shown on a website page and hide others with a β€œLoad more” button.

10. Play around with advanced settings. You can always check your changes with the widget preview.

You can even set up a transparent widget background to adapt it to your specific website design.

11. To reset settings, click the circle button.

12. Press the β€œAdd” button when you’re ready to finish.

13. Assign testimonials to the widget, add it to your website, clone, edit or delete it.

If you want to create a similar widget based on an existing one, press the β€œClone” button to have its copy, and now you can adjust the settings.

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