If you want to display testimonials as a part of the website page, you need to create a Trust widget first.

1. Go to “Testimonials → Display → Widgets” and press the “New Widget” button.

2. Give your widget a private name that will be displayed only in your dashboard.

3. Choose a “Single” or “Multi” layout.

The “Single” testimonial layout suits an individual testimonial placement while the “Multi” one lets you display several testimonials.

4. Then set a “Static” or “Carousel” widget type.

5. Each type has 7 styles that you can customize later.

6. Enable “Advanced Settings” to set your custom colors and sizes.

7. Switch the “Use Webpage Font” feature on to display the testimonials’ text in the same font as one found on your website.

8. Slow limited number of text lines in a widget if the length of your testimonials differ.

9. Limit the visible amount of testimonials (static type only) shown on a website page and hide others with a “Load more” button.

10. Play around with advanced settings. You can always check your changes with the widget preview.

You can even set up a transparent widget background to adapt it to your specific website design.

11. To reset settings, click the circle button.

12. Press the “Add” button when you’re ready to finish.

13. Assign testimonials to the widget, add it to your website, clone, edit or delete it.

If you want to create a similar widget based on an existing one, press the “Clone” button to have its copy, and now you can adjust the settings.

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