Add a form to the Squarespace website

How to display a testimonial request form as a part your Squarespace website page.

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After your created a form, all you need to do is to copy and paste its code to the appropriate place on your Squarespace website page.

1. Go to β€œForms”, choose a form you want to show on your website and click the β€œAdd to website” icon in front of it.

2. Choose the type of the form and copy the form's code.

πŸ”” Note: if you are not sure which type of the form (Inline or Popup) you need, please check this article to see their real-life examples.

3. On the Squarespace platform, open the page and press the β€œEDIT” button.

4. Click the blue β€œ+” button on the place of the page where you want your form to be displayed.

5. Choose the β€œ</> Code” option, paste the paste the form’s code here and save changes.




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