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What are Forms?
What are Forms?

Everything you need to know about testimonial request forms by Trust.

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A form is a dedicated landing page that allows people to share their text or video feedback about your business (no login required).

Smart and Interactive forms by Trust let you collect:

  • text and video testimonials (or both);

  • 5-star ratings;

  • existing video reviews from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram;

  • customer photos;

  • links to social media profiles and business websites;

  • customer consent (via checkboxes or online contracts);

  • more reviews on external sites (Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, etc).

πŸ’‘ Pro features

Forms have these 3 features to get higher response rates:

  • Video message – upload or record a short & sweet welcome video to personally say hello, and thank customers and clients for their time.

  • Guidelines – add any instructions that you consider necessary for your reviewers. Plus, you can mention an incentive (🎁) that motivates them to fill in the form.

  • AI testimonial generator – our built-in AI writes an authentic testimonial text based on keywords that your customer has in mind about your product or service.

Interactive forms also help you create engaging video surveys and text question-and-answer pairs that you can combine into one testimonial.


Smart forms have 1 style, but you can change the order of all fields.

As for the Interactive forms, they have only 1 style. You can customize the background image on the 'Welcome' page.

How to share forms:

Option 1. Add a form directly to the website page so that every website visitor can leave their feedback.

Inline type of the form

It displays the form as a part of the website page:

Popup type of the form

It looks like a button and opens a full form in a pop-up when clicked:

Option 2. Invite people via automated email sequence, social media, SMS, live chat – anywhere that you can share the form’s link.

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