Add a widget to the Shopify website

How to display testimonials and reviews with widgets on your Shopify website.

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❗ Please make sure that you created a widget and assigned testimonials to it first.

After your widget is set and ready, all you need to do is to copy and paste its code to the appropriate place on your Shopify website.

1. Go to “Widgets”, choose a widget you want to add to your website and click the “Add to website” icon in front of it.

2. Copy the widget's code.

📝 If your Shopify website already has the “Custom HTML” website section, you can jump to the Step 7.

3. Log in to the Shopify account, go to “Online Store → Themes” on the left menu bar, press the “Actions” button and choose “Edit code” from the dropdown menu.

4. Scroll down to the “Sections” menu, press the “Add a new section” button, name it:


and click “Create section”.

5. Remove the default code.

6. Copy & paste the code below to this section content, then press “Save”:

<div id="trust-custom-section">  
{%- if section.settings.title != blank -%}
<div class="trust-custom-title"><h2>{{section.settings.title}}</h2></div>
{%- endif -%}
<div class="trust-custom-code">{{section.settings.custom_html}}</div>

{% schema %}
"name": "HTML",
"settings": [
"type": "text",
"id": "title",
"label": "Title"
"id": "custom_html",
"label": "HTML"
"presets": [
"name": "Custom HTML",
"category": "Trust",
"settings": {

{% endschema %}

7. Come back to “Online Store → Themes” on the left menu bar and press the “Customize” button.

8. Click the “Add section” button on the place of the website page where you want the widget to appear, then find the “Custom HTML” section.

9. Paste the Trust widget’s code here and click “Save”.

10. Enjoy results!

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