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Pre-fill a form for a specific reviewer
Pre-fill a form for a specific reviewer
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To save your clients’ time and increase survey completion rates, Trust offers an opportunity for you to pre-fill the testimonial request form for a specific client or customer.

1. Go to “Testimonials → Add new” and choose the “Pre-fill form” option.

2. Choose a testimonial request form you want to work with and keep the “Editable” mode on.

3. Enable the “Video Message” feature to record a sweet video (or upload one) and personally say hello, thank the person or team for their time, and give an incentive that motivates them to fill out the form.

It will pop up right after a client opens a form, and disappear after being played, see the example below.

4. Go to “Testimonial → Public data” and add the customer’s public information that will be displayed in the testimonial on your website later.

5. Add the customer's text testimonial, if you already have one.

6. Upload the customer’s video testimonial if you have one.

7. Enable the “External video” option and add their video testimonial from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo if they’ve recorded a video there.

8. Pre-fill your customer’s private information as well if you have it.

9. If the “eContract” feature is enabled for the form, you will need to fill in some additional fields (Street, Zip Code, City, Country) in “Private Data”, too.

10. Add links to the client’s websites or social media accounts. They will be displayed as a part of their testimonials on your website for more social proof.

👁‍🗨 If the selected testimonial request form doesn’t have a “eContract” mandatory, skip the “Contract” tab.

11. In order to e-sign a contract, go to the “Contract” tab. Press the “Create Contract” button to add an online contract to the testimonial request form.

12. Look through the contract to make sure everything is right.

Press the “Withdraw Contract” button to remove it.

❗️Please make sure that you have added necessary information to the “Contract Data” tab.

Go to “My account → Contract Data” and add all necessary information here.

13. Press the “Save” button.

14. Share the URL of the pre-filled form with the customer or client by email or message. You can copy it clicking the appropriate icon next to the appropriate testimonial.

15. When the client submits their testimonial, you receives an email immediately.

16. Now you can change the testimonial status to “Published” and assign it to your widgets, pop-ups or display it with Floating Stars.

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