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How to make customer feedback and marketing work together with Trust
How to make customer feedback and marketing work together with Trust
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We've already learned how to automate the testimonial collection process with Trust.

Now it's time to incorporate customer feedback into your overall marketing strategy!

Display testimonials and ratings on your website

The first and foremost place to feature customer success stories is your website. Trust offers the following trust-building website elements that you can customize:

  • Widgets. They display testimonials and external reviews as a part of your website page.

  • Pop-ups. These are eye-catching and dynamic pop-up notifications that catch website visitors’ attention.

  • Floating Stars. This is a small icon with your aggregate rating, located at the bottom right/left corner of a web page. It shows all your customer reviews and also filters them according to the source when clicked.

  • Badge. It shows the overall customer rating and helps you demonstrate your battle-tested reputation.

So, let's dig a little deeper:

1. Homepage

The homepage is a perfect place to show your best testimonials (ideally videos) from highly influential customers who are famous in their niche.

They should be short and to the point, as well as emphasize the core value proposition of your product / service.

✅ The team's choice - carousel widgets by Trust.

2. Testimonial landing page

There’s no better place to build trust with prospective customers than a dedicated testimonial page with plenty of before-an-after stories.

✅ The team's choice - static widgets (aka 'Wall of Love') by Trust.

3. The whole website or specific pages

When it comes to business, the first impression is a big deal.

If you want to grab visitors’ attention as soon as they land your website, Trust has a solution for you.

✅ The team's choice - the badge, Floating Stars or pop-ups (of course, you can combine them with widgets).

Other ways to use customer reviews in marketing:

  • Download collected video testimonials or turn text testimonials into pictures, then share them as user-generated content on social media;

  • Run text & video ads that feel authentic;

  • Put customer testimonials in email campaigns for more social proof;

  • Highlight testimonials in promotional videos and webinars;

  • Turn reviews into case studies.

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