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Create subtitles for your video testimonial
Create subtitles for your video testimonial

How to add text subtitles to your video testimonial.

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Trust lets you easily generate subtitles for your videos in different languages.

1. To create subtitles, go to the “Video studio” tab, choose a video testimonial you want to work with, and press the “View” button.

2. Choose the “Edit video” option.

3. Click “Subtitles”.

4. Choose the language of your video and press “Create subtitles”.

5. Now you can copy the text or add it as subtitles to your video.

6. You can also edit the text if needed.

7. Press the “Create video” button to save the video settings.

8. Click “Done” to render your video with subtitles.

9. Once done, your video will appear in the “Rendered videos” tab.

10. You can also generate an AI summary of your video based on its transcription.

For this, you need to open an approved video testimonial and click “Add AI summary of transcribed speech”.

11. The AI summary will appear right below the video itself.

12. If you need to edit the AI summary, click the “Edit” button and choose the “Edit testimonial” option.

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