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What are widgets, pop-ups, badge, and Floating Stars?
What are widgets, pop-ups, badge, and Floating Stars?

Everything you need to know about trust-building website elements by Trust.

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If you want to display your testimonials or external reviews on your website, you need to add one or several trust-building website elements to your website.

Trust offers 4 website elements that you can customize to match your website look and feel:


They display testimonials and external reviews as a part of your website page. There are 2 types that you can combine:

Static type

Carousel type

👉 See the full widget library here.

Wall of Love

The 'Wall of Love' is a part of widgets. You can create a separate page on your website to feature all your testimonials there. For this you need to use a “Multi - Static” widget by Trust.


These are eye-catching and dynamic pop-up notifications that catch website visitors’ attention.

Floating Stars

This is a small icon with your aggregate rating, located at the bottom right/left corner of a web page. It shows all your customer reviews and also filters them according to the source when clicked.


A small sticky icon that shows your overall customer rating. It can redirect website visitors to any page you want when clicked (ideally, to your testimonial page).

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