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Register a workspace and connect your Linkjoy page with Trust
Register a workspace and connect your Linkjoy page with Trust

How to install the website code on Linkjoy.

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A workspace is a repository for all your testimonials, reviews, online forms, and widgets connected to a specific business.

❗ Please note that Linkjoy only supports the following Trust website elements:

πŸ‘‹ If you need any help, please contact us in the live chat or send an email to [email protected]! We'll gladly install Trust's website code to Linkjoy or any other website builder / CMS for you.

1. Go to β€œYour Name β†’ Manage Workspaces β†’ Create Workspace”.

2. Give your workspace a name and add the full web address of your business website (e.g. there.

3. You can import logos and colors from a given URL or add them manually.

4. This logo and color scheme will then be used in the creation of your online forms, eliminating the need for repeated configuration each time.

5. You can also set up an auto transcription for all video testimonials that you receive, auto-publishing videos after they get rendered, and choose a default language for transcription.

6. Press β€œCreate workspace”.

7. Each workspace has a unique website code (similar to Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics Tracking Code) which you can find by pressing the β€œWebsite Code” button in front of it.

You need to add this code to your website to connect it with Trust.

8. Click β€œCopy to Clipboard” to copy the code. Later you will need to paste it to your Linkjoy account.

9. Open the Linkjoy dashboard, go to β€œLink in Bio” on the left menu bar, choose the micro-landing page you want to work with and press β€œEdit”.

10. Open β€œIntegrations”, click the β€œCustom Script” button, paste your Trust website code here, and save the results.


11. Now you can display Floating Stars and pop-ups on your Linkjoy page.

πŸ”” Idea: You can also add a link to your testimonial request form to one of the buttons on the page.

For this you need to press β€œEditor”, then β€œAdd Block”. Find the β€œBUTTON & TEXT” block, and add the form's link here.

You can also add more attention to the button playing with settings in the β€œAnimate” section.



Next steps:

1. Add existing testimonials to Trust (as well as video reviews from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo)

2. Import your reviews from 7 external platforms (Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, ProvenExpert, Capterra, Product Hunt, Yelp)

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