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Register a workspace and connect your Unbounce website with Trust
Register a workspace and connect your Unbounce website with Trust

How to install the website code on Unbounce.

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A workspace is a repository for all your testimonials, reviews, online forms, and widgets connected to a specific business.

πŸ‘‹ If you need any help, please contact us in the live chat or send an email to [email protected]! We'll gladly install Trust's website code to Unbounce or any other website builder / CMS for you.

❗ If you build your landing pages with Unbounce, make sure that a website code or a WordPress plugin is installed on your main website first.

Here’s how to add Trust code to Unbounce:

1. In your Unbounce account, go to β€œSettings β†’ Script Manager”.

2. In case you don’t have any scripts, click on β€œAdd your first script”.

3. Select β€œCustom Script” from the dropdown menu.

4. Name your custom script and click on β€œAdd Script Details”.

5. Select β€œHead” from the β€œPlacement” dropdown menu.

6. Select the location of the code based on your requirements.

To make sure that you never forget to add the code, select β€œAll”. That makes sure the code is available on all landing pages.

7. Copy a unique website code of your main website from the Trust dashboard (β€œSettings β†’ Workspaces β†’ Website Code”), paste it to Unbounce, then click the β€œSave and Publish Script” button.


8. In β€œScript Manager” you’ll see the result.

Next steps:

1. Add existing testimonials to Trust (as well as video reviews from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo)

2. Import your reviews from 7 external platforms (Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, ProvenExpert, Capterra, Product Hunt, Yelp)

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